June 24, 2010

She’s Back

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Welcome Back
It’s been a couple of months since I’ve had any free time on my hands to think or write about Agile. Between ramping up to working four days a week and activities with my reenactment Guild it doesn’t seem like I’ve had much downtime in the past three months.

There was a solo weekend trip to VA in March (I live in New England) for Military through The Ages, and another weekend trip to MD in April, this time with several Guild members, for Marching Through Time. Our reenactment Guild had three weekends of workshops, as preparation for three weekends of historic encampment at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire’s Robin Hood Faire in May. As one of our Guild officers, I’m responsible for communications (natch) as well as various and sundry planning and logistical chores. And because I’m an introvert, participation in events take more out of me than I sometimes can afford. I’ve learned that it’s best to plan for a weekend of “nothing” at the end of a run of faire just to recover.

So faire is over, I’ve had time to recover. My gear is cleaned and stowed until fall. My house is tidy. And I’ve got time to think and write again. At least until the craziness starts up again in September. I’ve had time to start thinking and writing again. I’ve pulled out my list of potential post topics full of ideas, links, and partial drafts and started sifting through them again.

I went to Scrum Club tonight, and as usual, the speaker was excellent. I think I’ll probably get a couple of posts out of tonight’s talk, once I download the slides and have a chance to digest them.

I also have to send out a big “Thank you” to John S. for poking me with a stick, er, contacting me to meet for lunch recently to chat about what it is like for a lone writer to “go Agile.” His company is getting ready to make the move to Agile development, and he’s now starting the same process of thinking and planning that I went through when I started the transition to being an Agile Technical Writer.

He’d read my Agile Manifesto posts and was kind enough to tell me that he found them helpful in getting him thinking about how to adapt to Agile. One of the bits of accepted wisdom for Technical Writers is that “no one reads” what we write. So it’s always wonderful to hear that something you wrote was useful to one of your readers. Plus, that was just the motivation that I needed to get back to writing here.

Thanks John!

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