January 4, 2011

TW New Year’s Resolutions

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One of my goals for the New Year is to write (and post) more often.

I have literally hundreds of pages (I actually added them all up today) of draft posts for three different blogs (this one, my new historical blog, and my personal blog) floating around on my hard drive. I write almost every day, as well as collecting articles and quotes to jog future writing. But for most of last year I think my perfectionism got in the way of my publishing. I so often want my point to be complete and well articulated before I hit “post.” But sometimes there isn’t a single point and the writing tends to ramble all over the place, and in the effort to wrangle the “thought” into something resembling a “point” the initial enthusiasm stalls out. And my internal editor gets in the way of actually publishing content and starting the conversation.

I wonder sometimes if this is why Facebook and Twitter are so popular, because you don’t have enough characters to do more than publish the initial thought?

But I digress. The point was, one of my goals is to try to write on a more consistent schedule and ignore my internal editor just enough to actually publish some posts. And to revisit those draft posts and either finish them or discard them.

I got laid off (again) last November. I had a short-term gig that lasted about a month, then had the incredible luck to have two part time projects, both of which interest me a great deal, fall into my lap. Even together they don’ t pay quite as well as a full-time job would, but I’ll take work I really enjoy over a huge paycheck any day.

And I plan to take advantage of the fact that part-time work gives me a little bit more free time to work on some professional development that I’ve been putting off for “when I have time.” I’ve got a stack of books on Technical Writing, Agile, Lean Development, Project Management, and other related topics to read. I bought myself Adobe Design Premium for Christmas 2009, but haven’t had much time to learn the programs that I don’t already know. So I added a couple of Adobe Classroom in a Book titles to my Christmas list.

It’s so easy to put off professional development until you have time. The fact is, you have to make time for it, or else it never gets done.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals for your career this year?

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